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Here are the Benefits of a DIY Patio in Australia

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Benefits of a DIY Patio in Australia
DIY patio kits have made it easier than ever to set up your dream outdoor living space. You can order the necessary materials and components online, have them delivered to your premise, and assemble the structure yourself. There is no need to hire a professional builder, and if you know what you are doing then you can get the job done in a few days or less. Here are a few reasons why a DIY patio could be a great investment for your home or business.

Save Money

The average cost of a professionally installed outdoor patio is between $3,500 and $8,500, according to the online marketplace, Airtasker. By contrast, the starting price of a DIY patio kit is around $3,000, depending on your choice of materials, roof profile, insulation, and size of the area to be covered. By taking the DIY route, you will not have to pay for manual labour. This means you can spend that extra money on a higher-quality patio, one that is made from better materials and has more features, such as a rustic fire feature to crowd around in winter or a ceiling fan to help circulate air in summer.

Faster Quotes

When you hire a professional builder to install an outdoor patio, they need to quote you the cost of materials and labour. They may also need to conduct an onsite inspection to determine the size of the area that you wish to cover and the measurements of your materials and components. When you order a DIY kit online, though, you only need a quote to cover the cost of materials. Once you have the quote, you can order online and have the materials sent to your door, ready to assemble.

Easy to Follow Instructions

All DIY patio kits come with written instructions that explain how to assemble your outdoor patio roof. The instructions, supplied in physical and digital formats, are written in plain and easy to understand language. This means you do not have to try to comprehend complex technical terminology. And the steps are laid out in sequential order so that you know just what to do each step of the way.

No Council Permission Required

Most DIY patio kits are made to comply with Exempt Development council guidelines. An exempt development is a type of outdoor renovation that does not require a building permit or council approval to be built. Not only will this save you time on paperwork and money on council fees, but also the hassle of liaising with council members. You can simply order the materials you need and start straight away.

No Contracts Required

Paperwork is standard with all professional outdoor renovation projects. You will be required to sign a contract with the builder. This agreement specifies the terms of your project including the total cost, deliverables, schedule, and your legal rights and obligations. If your project is larger and requires a building permit plus council approval, you’ll need to submit paperwork for those processes too.

With a DIY patio kit, though, you won’t need to sign any agreements or other associated paperwork. Of course, just like any personal home renovation project, you are liable for your own personal safety, the safety of those around you, and the structural integrity of any modifications that you make to and around your home or business.


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