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Don’t much fancy parking your car out in the street, but don’t have a garage? (Or perhaps your garage is full of stuff that you can’t really put elsewhere? Maybe your garage is already filled with another car!) All hope is not lost. You can look into a simple house extension such as a carport to ensure that your car has its own little space away from the street, or protected from the elements in your driveway.

Who should have a carport?

A carport in Sydney can be useful for those who want added protection from rain and storms in the cold months, as well as the blistering heat of Australian summers. A carport provides shade, meaning it’s much less likely you’ll scorch your palms on the steering wheel in the morning!

Can carports add value to a home?

Yes – but you need to make sure that they’re well made. Trying to build one yourself can end in an amateurish result or even disaster, like many DIY jobs! Hiring a contractor can sometimes be a bit of a gamble, as there are many out there who will only do the job at a low price because their reputation or skillset isn’t all that great. When you work with the right carport installers, you’ll end up with something practical that looks great, and also boosts the value of your home.

Are they expensive?

They don’t have to be. While it’s possible to spend extremely small amounts or extortionate amounts, the fact is that good quality carports can come at reasonable prices. Going too cheap can result in bad quality; you don’t want a carport that’s going to end up falling in on top of your car – or, worse, you!

But the most expensive prices out there aren’t always justified by the final product when you compare them to more reasonably-priced ones. You should be sure to do plenty of research into carport patio cost before making a decision. It’s worth noting that the added protection to your car that’s afforded by a carport may end up saving you money in car maintenance! The added protection may also help when it comes to resale value if you decide to sell the vehicle one day.

Types of carports

The type of carport is usually determined by the dominant material used in the structure. Steel carports are perhaps the most popular; as we all know, there are few things sturdier than steel. Tin and aluminium are often used; the latter is one of the cheapest options, but it’s not recommended if you live in an area with high winds!

There are also other architectural style differences among carports beyond the particular material being used. There’s flat or rounded roofing, as well as gable style carports to consider. There are pros and cons to all of them, ranging from price to the inherent protective capabilities of each one. Gable-styling may be more expensive, for example, but it also increases the likelihood that the carport will look like a more natural extension of your home.

Freestanding or attached?

The difference is almost self-explanatory. Attached carports are linked directly to the house, usually by the ridge of the roof. Freestanding carports aren’t attached to house, and can be placed anywhere on the driveway of your property provided it is within council regulations of your front and side boundaries.

A lot of homeowners feel some slight trepidation about attached additions to their home, and with perfectly understandable reason. There is always even the slightest risk that an error in the building of a carport can result in a disturbance to the architecture of the home. This is why it’s essential that you work with experts in the field of carports in Sydney; this helps ensure that the work is done at a level of quality that not only is acceptable to pass building standards but is also built to last and enjoy for years to come.

Attached carport
Attached Carport
Freestanding Carport
Freestanding Carport

While freestanding does eliminate the risk of damage to the home itself, attached carports make these elements of your total property look more in-sync, which can help increase home value. This being said, there can be a lot of benefit for many families who wish for their car to be parked a little farther away from the home itself; in this case, a freestanding carport may be your best bet.

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