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Skillion & Gable Combination

Combine Your Roof Styles To Add An Architectual Flare

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Combination Roofs

by Stylemaster Patios

If you have a large patio or decking area at the back of your home, it can sometimes be a challenge to use all of the space, especially on hot summer and cold winter days. At Stylemaster Patios, we offer tailor-made combination roofs in Sydney which use both Skillion and Gable style roofs to create Alfresco covered spaces that you can enjoy all year long.

Skillion roofs are single pitch roofs, similar to lean-tos, and are the simplest Alfresco roof design on the market. They use a flat roof which is sloped to allow the rain to drain off. Gable roofs, on the other hand, are more akin to regular pitched roofs. They have two sections that join in the middle in a symmetrical, triangular shape. Combination roofs use features of both. They combine the simplicity of a Skillion roof with the architectural appeal of a gable roof.

Skillion Gable Combination Roofs
Skillion Gable Combination Roofs And Patios

Style of Combination Roofs

Combination roofs draw their style from existing Skillion and Gable designs. Usually, a combination roof design involves using a Gable section of roof for the main entryway of the covered area, and Skillion sections to cover the rest of the patio or decking.

Combination roofs take advantage of the unique benefits of both Gable and Skillion sections. Gable roof sections can be fitted with translucent material to allow sunlight through if the sun is overhead. Skillion sections are ideal for covering the rest of the space cheaply, providing both shade and shelter to large outdoor areas close to your property. Combination roofs are adaptable to multiple situations and can be installed both along a single face of your property or around a corner to create a dynamic open space.

The Benefits of Combination Roofs

Combination roofs offer the best of both Gable roofs and Skillion roofs. Firstly, by using large sections of Skillion roof, they help to keep the cost of a combination roof down. Skillion roofs are among the cheapest to install, enabling you to cover large areas without breaking the bank. Thanks to their flat, sturdy surface, skillion roofs are also ideal for installing solar panels, providing additional roof space for your home.

Gable style roofs offer greater style and protection than Skillion roofs, but at a slightly higher cost. With a combination roof, you get the best of both worlds: not only do you get a low-cost outdoor roofing solution, but you also get stylish elements near entryways, providing your Alfresco living spaces with an additional aesthetic appeal. Gable roofing sections combined with a flat or Skillion roof section help to protect from the wind, sun and rain while giving your patio roof a more classical feel. Just like Skillion roofs, Gable roofs are easy to set up and attach directly to your home.

Who are Combination Roofs for?

Combination roofs are perfect for any homeowner who needs to cover a large decking or patio outdoor space. If you’re the sort of person who likes to watch nature, have guests over for BBQs, or spend time in the garden, then a combination roof may be the solution you need.

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