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Wave Style

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Wave Style

Creating a patio area can transform any garden into the perfect outside space for your family to relax and enjoy group activities. However, there are several key decisions that need to be made during the design process. Roofing solutions are certainly among the most crucial. For many Sydney homeowners, the ‘wave’ effect offers the perfect solution.

Wave patio Sydney solutions have certainly grown in popularity. If you’re thinking about installing this type of roof to your patio, here’s all you need to know.

The wave style explained

If you’ve seen a wave style patio roof and thought that it looks very similar to dome roofing, you’d be right. In fact, this solution uses the same materials, only with an overlapping design to create the iconic ‘wave’ effect.

While the separate panels may not be connected, they are designed in a way that prevents rainwater coming through the gaps. The option for translucent roofing properties allows you to maintain light and privacy. Alternatively, you can go for a solution that offers greater shade.

The versatile designs can be fitted to suit patio styles of various shapes and sizes, offering you complete control over the project. In many ways, they offer all the benefits of a dome look, only with an added sense of luxury and style.

Wave Style Patios

Who should consider the wave style patio roofing?

The wave patio designs boast all the attributes to satisfy both domestic and commercial properties. Meanwhile, this type can be fitted as part of a new patio installation or as a replacement for an outdated existing product.  

Better still, the costs and non-intrusive work make it perfect for all families. Essentially, anyone looking to enjoy the Sydney weather to the full from the comfort of their home can consider this to be an ideal solution.

The Benefits

Wave style roofing is certainly an interesting solution. Nonetheless, any potential investor will want to know the key selling points of the product along with the reasons why it’s right for them. Here are just some of the reasons Sydney homeowners like you are turning to this solution.


This type of roofing is very easy to install, and offers fantastic results time and time again. Meanwhile, the wave patio cost is far more affordable than many homeowners assume.

Style & Performance

A wave patio roof will make your garden the envy of the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, the use of overlapping allows the design to take on many specific styles. Once installed, this type of roofing offers reliable coverage for years.


Keeping a wave style patio roof in great condition requires minimal effort. Furthermore, if a problem does occur, it’s often possible to replace the damaged panel rather than the entire product.

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Stylemaster Patios is the fastest growing home improvement company in NSW, and we lead the way in providing the latest trends. We believe in providing style, quality, service and value for our customers. Let us bring your vision of the perfect wave patio to life by calling us today.  

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