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Skillion Roof Patio

Why Choose a Skillion Roof Patio

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Skillion Patios

Extend Your Outdoor Living Area

Doesn’t it just feel like you’re wasting your outdoor space sometimes? One of the best ways of combatting this is to enhance your patio space, making it a fun and elegant extension of your home.

Of course, when we talk about home extensions, the word that people often think about is ‘expensive’. Making modifications to a home sometimes seems like more trouble and cost than it’s worth. But you’d be surprised at how simple a patio renovation or addition can be – as well as inexpensive.

One of the best ways of making the addition of patio roofing simple and affordable is to look into a skillion patio, also known as a patio with flat roofing.

Skillion Flat Style

What makes a patio a skillion?

There can be some confusion when it comes to skillion roofing. The term is used to refer to two similar but fundamentally different types of roof. In Sydney, skillion roofing is often used as another word for ‘mono-pitched’ roofing; which is also referred to as a lean-to roof. This is a roof that pitches in one direction in a single slope. (Roofs that pitch in two directions are known as gable roofs.)

Skillion can be used in another architectural sense; its strict definition is “A room built against the back of another building, having a separate roof”.

Sydney Skillion patios, however, are flat-roofed. The term referring to the pitched variant is generally applied to complete buildings such as houses or sheds. In the world of patios, skillion refers to a flat roof.

The Advantages of a Skillion Patio

By far the biggest advantage to a skillion patio is the cost. Skillion patio cost is very affordable, especially if you’re working with the right skillion patio experts in Sydney. Flat roofing is the simplest to install, as well as the cheapest.

This isn’t to say they aren’t versatile, however; there are a wealth of materials with which you can make skillion patios. This, along with the fact that they’re flat, means that it’s easier to create patio roofing that complements the design of your home exterior than it is with other patio roofing styles.

For those who are looking to make their lives a little more green, skillion roofing is becoming well-known for how easy it is to install solar panels on top of them. If you’re looking to power your home with more solar energy, then a skillion patio can be the best way of ensuring your panels get the most sun possible without disturbing the structure of your home’s main roof.

Is a Skillion Patio right for me?

A skillion patio design is perfect for people who are looking to add some simple luxury to their Sydney patios without having to fork out crazy amounts of cash. But this isn’t to say that skillion patios always appear to be a compromise; working with experts in skillion design can ensure that these patios look just as beautiful, and feel just as luxurious, as any other patio type.

At the end of the day, patio roofing of any kind makes for a great home addition. It means you can take more advantage of your garden; sometimes, the sun can come down a little too hard on us, or wet or stormy weather can ruin our vibe.

With patio roofing, you’re no longer forced indoors; you can enjoy the fresh air while remaining protected from the elements the sky sends our way. A Sydney skillion patio can be the most affordable way of achieving this.

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