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Your patio can be the perfect place for you to catch some fresh air and take a break from the indoors. But whether the punishing sun is beating down in summer, the storms are prevailing in winter, or the showers of spring and autumn are in season, there are times when it isn’t that practical to spend time on your patio.

That is, of course, unless you have patio roofing!

There are many different types of patio roofing which can complete your home patio experience. We’re going to take a look at one of the most beautiful and popular patio roofing styles: the gable patio. If you’re looking for an addition to your home that adds style, value, and a sense of luxury, then this could very well be the solution for you.

Gable Style Patios
Gable Style Patios Sydney

What makes a patio a gable?

A gable is a particular architectural feature. A true gabled roof can be recognised by the symmetrical triangular shape created at the top of a building by the 2 sides of the roof. The 2 sides should be pitched so they meet in the centre of the building is a ridge.

There are few patio styles out there that look better; gable patio designs look more practical or sophisticated than their rivals.

The different styles and types of gable patios

There are many different styles of gable building. A front-gabled building has the gable facing the street. A side-gabled building faces the street with its cullis, or the gutter or groove in the roof, so that the ridge is parallel to the street. These two are the most common in urban architecture, and a cross-gable building is a popular mixture of the two.

When it comes to gabled patios, of course, you can have even more styles than the roofing of a house will require. The several materials that can be used to create gable patios (which are listed briefly a little later in this article) may help determine its style. Glass or pseudo-glass can be used to allow light to shine through or create a greenhouse-like atmosphere. It’s incredibly simple to have a gable patio in Sydney that is consistent in style and design with the rest of your home.

Attached vs Freestanding

Gable Patios

Patio roofing, or patio covers as they’re often referred to in the architectural business, can be either attached or freestanding. Attached roofing tends to be sloped, meaning that gable patio roofing is often attached directly to the home. This helps the homeowner maintain a certain level of consistency; the patio will look more like a true extension of the home. However, it can be a little more difficult and time-consuming to set up. This does, however, tend to come with more stability in the structure.

Freestanding may still see the patio covering attached to the home in some way, but this may only be through the use of temporary clipping to the ridges of the home. In general, a freestanding gable patio will be structurally independent of the home, bearing some architectural similarities to a gazebo. These can be much simpler to set up, and allow you to place the roofing at whatever distance from the house you like. (Presumably, this won’t be that far away, seeing as we’re talking about patios, here!) However, this may be at the expense of design consistency. 

Pros and Cons of the Gable Style

A gabled patio arguably has the most reliable protection from the elements, such as rain and sun. Patios are great in the summer, but when the sun beats down, things can feel a little punishing. Gabled patios offer more shade while allowing for a smooth breeze. If it starts to rain, then the gable roofing covers more surface area than any umbrella of other patio styles could. Gable roofing also sheds the rain with ease, so you end up with much less water build-up.

They’re also deceptively simple. There are few patio structures that are simpler to set up despite being so effective.

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