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Covered Decks

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Covered Decks

by Stylemaster Patios

Covered decks are an excellent way to provide shelter for an outdoor area. Coverings provide protection from the rain and the wind and give you the space you need to relax in your garden and enjoy your outdoor space.

There are many different covered deck designs, however, which means that you’ll need to think carefully before making a decision about which kind to buy. Various types of covered decks are appropriate for different kinds of homes.

Covered Decks Sydney
Flat Roofed Covered Decks

Flat-Roofed Covered Deck

Flat-roofed covered decks are perhaps the simplest style of covered decking available. These systems are both low-cost and excellent value for money, representing perhaps the cheapest way to open up space in your garden. However, although flat covered deck roofs are highly affordable, they’re also stylish, meaning that you can be proud to have them in your garden. Thanks to our excellent water management system, runoff won’t be a problem. All the water on our flat roofs will be removed from the roof quickly through expertly-placed guttering.

Gable Roofed Covered Deck

Gable-Roofed Deck

Some of the most popular covered decks in Sydney are those with gable-style roofs. Gable roofs are pitched roofs which join at a point in the middle.

How much do gable covered decks cost? More than regular flat-style deck covers. However, they offer additional style and beauty. Covered decks with gable roofing stand out and look fantastic, no matter what the setting. What’s more, they can be combined with flat roof sections to extend the reach of your decking across an entire wall of your home if required.

Curved Roof Covered Deck

Curved Roof Covered Deck

Are you looking for an ultra-modern addition to your home? Then a curved roof covered deck might be just the thing that you’re looking for. These stylish curves create the feeling of a wave washing over you every time you go outdoors to enjoy your decking. What’s great about curved roofs is that they will match up with practically any style of property. Not only are they at home with contemporary and new builds, but they also work very well when juxtaposed with traditional styles. As a result, although the curved roof deck has a modern appearance, it’s also ideal for owners of older buildings.

Glass Roof Covered Deck

Glass Roof Covered Deck Extensions

Often, decking is built just beside your home. As a result, there’s often no need to add an entirely new roof. In fact, simply extending the existing roof to cover the decking is often sufficient. One great way to do this is to use translucent, glass panels. This way you maximise your covered decking area’s access to natural light, opening the entire space up, without feeling like you’re still indoors. Though they are usually more expensive than regular flat roofs, glass roof covered deck extensions are stylish and still keep the worst of the rain and wind away from you. With a glass roof extension, you can sit in the hot tub, enjoy a cold drink, even when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

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