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Patio Roofs & Awnings

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At Stylemaster Patios we understand that every home is different and every customer has different ideas on what they would like for their home.

That’s why every roof and awning project we do for our customers is tailor-made for your specific situation and requirement in all aspects of the job … design, engineering and construction.

Our design consultants have many years of experience in the industry. They have the knowledge to advise you on the best option for your home, particularly if you are looking for different ideas and concepts to help you with your final design decision.

Stylemaster Patios has the largest range of designs and styles available to help you with the best solution for your new home improvement.

After all, your project is going to add thousands to the value of your home, so it is important that you proceed with the best choice. 

An Alfresco roof is a perfect way to cover your outdoor areas and entertain your guests outside, no matter what the weather. Alfresco roofs give you the freedom to spend time outdoors and help make the most of your patio or decking space.

But which Alfresco roof design should you choose? With so many on the market, making a decision about which to go with isn’t as easy as you might think. Here, at Stylemaster Patios, suppliers of Alfresco roofs in Sydney, we offer a range of different Alfresco roof designs, no matter what your tastes.

Skillion Style

A Skillion style Alfresco patio roof is a roof that pitches in a single direction, similar to a lean-to roof. These roofs are minimalistic and “mono-pitched,” meaning that they don’t come to a point in the middle. Thus, Skillion style Alfresco roofs are straightforward and low-cost, helping you to stay within your budget.

But although Skillion style roofs are relatively inexpensive, their simple design means that you get an enormous choice of styles and materials to complement the rest of your outdoor space. If you’re eco-conscious, Skillion style roofs are perfect for solar

Gable Style

Gable roofs are pitched roofs where the two sides meet in the centre, rather like a traditional house. Gable style roofing provides the most protection from the rain and sun, but this style of Alfresco roof also costs more than simple, Skillion style coverings.

Gable roofs can be attached directly to the home or be freestanding if your patio or decking is in a separate area.

Skillion/Gable Combination

For some applications, especially when you want to cover the entire area at the back of your house, a Skillion/Gable combination roof may be preferred. A Gable Alfresco roof flanked by sections of Skillion roofing has a great aesthetic appeal.

Insulated Style

Insulated style roofs use a polystyrene core to provide additional insulation for both hot and cold weather. In hot weather, insulated style Alfresco roofs prevent heat from the sun beating down from above, while in cooler weather, they prevent heat from escaping as quickly. They can also reduce the noise from rain and prevent excessive build-up of condensation.

Dome Style

Dome style roofs are curved roofs that don’t pitch to a single point. They provide an attractive covering for lounging areas next to swimming pools, garden terraces and parking areas. Dome style roofs tend to cost slightly more than Gable style roofs, thanks to their increased architectural complexity.

Wave Style Roofs

Wave style roofs are constructed from overlapping sections of Dome roofs to provide an artistic finish. They are incredibly stylish and an excellent addition to any public space. This style of roof is ideal for both domestic and commercial applications.

Flyover Style

Flyover style alfresco roofs soar high above your outdoor space, providing a large covered area, including sections of your home’s roof. Flyover style roofs are usually large and single-sided. They are ideal for when you need to cover a large area, or you want to create a dramatic, design statement. Due to their large size, their cost can be a little higher.

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