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Opening Roof Patios – What Are They and How Can They Benefit Your Home

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Opening Roof Patios

If you are looking for ways to maximise your outdoor space, consider a louvred roof over your patio. While patios are great ways to make the most out of your backyard, adding a roof helps you enjoy the space that much more by providing shelter from the elements.

While a regular roof also provides shade and protection from the rain, a louvred roof is just a bit more flexible in design and function.

They have numerous other benefits as well. Here are a few: 

They’re easily adjustable

Unlike a standard roof, an opening roof is composed of louvred blades that you can open or close. That means you can adjust the amount of exposure to the elements. In sunny weather or rainy days, you can close the roof completely to protect you from the elements. Alternatively, opening the blades up will allow for breezes to come through and can allow for the sun to enter through the windows of your home on colder winter days. The flexibility of the roof design allows you to reduce both your heating and cooling costs depending on the season and with the flick of a switch. 

They protect furniture from weather damage

With an opening roof, you can ensure your furniture is protected from the elements. With your patio furniture now out of direct sunlight and away from wind and rain, the fabrics of lounges and the finish of tables will last even longer and stay looking fresh and new. 

They’re fast to operate and easy to adjust

With the help of a remote, you can adjust how little or how much you want your roof to open. You can close everything off to offer full coverage or angle the roof to allow in some light and catch the perfect amount of breeze. Because the blades are adjustable via a simple electrical system, you never have to manually adjust your roof. 

They complement your existing facade

Opening roof patios have a very customisable design. Homeowners can choose profiles, materials, coatings and more to complement any preferred style or budget. With the right combination, your outdoor covering will become a natural extension of your home and can preserve the consistency of your already existing home design. 

They stand the test of time

Your louvred roof is built to last. Each component from the roof to the support beams is treated with a weatherproof finish. The powder coating is available in a variety of colours and is treated with a protective UV finish to ensure it is free of warping and fading over time. 

They add value to your home

As a permanent fixture to your home, your opening roof adds real value to your property. A louvred roof should be considered as an investment, and, if you decide to sell your home in the future, it can increase its ticket price. 

When you’re ready to install an opening roof over your patio, speak to an expert that can help you decide the perfect style that compliments your home. Having the help of a professional will make it easier to choose what type of roof would work best with your existing patio. And, if you don’t yet have a patio, a professional can even help you build out a living space that fits with your lifestyle and your budget. 

The perfect opening roof patio cover isn’t just about the right materials or design. It also requires careful installation from a seasoned contractor. That’s why many people prefer Stylemaster Patios. The company works with the best materials from the biggest brands and ensures that only experienced specialists handle the installation process. 

Want to learn more about opening roof patios? Speak to the friendly team at Stylemaster Patios today!


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