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Louvered Roof Cost: Your Guide To The Perfect Opening Roof

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Louvred Roofs

While adding a full extension onto a home may come at a significant cost, finding ways to better utilise an outdoor patio space will drastically increase the amount of new living space available to a household without becoming too overly expensive. Patios are wonderful natural extensions to the home, and can easily be converted into extra living areas.

The problem, however, is that direct sunlight and inclement weather on uncovered patios often drive people back indoors. The elements can do a number on outdoor furniture as well and will make the area hard to enjoy for large parts of the day or even various seasons.

To take full advantage of patios and outdoor living areas, or to make a space in the house that is fit for indoor-outdoor living, homeowners may want to consider adding a covering, such as a louvre roof system, to help protect the area from the elements and control the amount of light and shade. This will create an enjoyable outdoor extension of the home no matter what the weather.

What is a louvered roof?

A louvered roof, or opening roof, is a series of horizontal slats that can be opened, closed, or angled to let in just the right amount of light and air while protecting an area from direct sun, rain, and, to some extent, noise. Modern louvre blades can be made of various materials, including:

  • Aluminium
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Metal

The truly unique nature of a louvered roof is its flexibility, giving homeowners 100% control over their outdoor living area. While in the closed position, patios can be completely shaded and protected from the elements (like rain), angled or partially angled positions will allow for the filtering of daylight and the free flow of air. No other roof is so functional!

Reasons to install a louvered patio roof

A louvered patio roof isn’t just stylish. It also comes with a large variety of benefits that will enhance any home well beyond its sleek, modern appearance.

Protection from the elements and high temperatures

It’s hard to enjoy outdoor living when inclement weather strikes. An opening roof, however, is able to protect your home’s patio area from the sun and rain. The louvres give homeowners the option of opening and closing their roof to control the amount of sunlight that hits their patio and to completely protect it or to let the right amount of light in. That means, during hot, sunny days, the louvres can be adjusted for maximum shade to protect homeowners from the sun or opened up to allow for more light penetration.

Energy-efficient and thermo-regulating

louvered roof’s unique design allows for excellent thermal insulation. The adjustable nature of the roof allows homes to reduce heating in the winter and cut down on cooling in the summer. During colder months, the louvres can be opened to allow direct sunlight to hit a home’s windows. In warmer months, however, louvres can be angled or closed to shade a home’s windows, keeping the interior cooler.

Versatile design and configuration possibilities

Opening roof options can vary from flat roofs to skillion to gabled, depending on the look and feel a homeowner wants to achieve. The louvered roof style also lends itself to both small openings and large areas, meaning homeowners aren’t constrained by the size or shape of their patio.

Wide range of customisation options

A louvered roof can be incorporated into a wide range of structures. That means a louvre system will work just as well on a freestanding structure as it would as part of an existing building. Louvered roofs can also act as home extensions, making an outdoor space feel like an extension of the indoor living area. The wide range of fittings and features ensures a louvered roof can be incorporated into both modern architectural designs and more traditional layouts.

Easily adjustable via smart controls

Homeowners can operate their louvered roof systems via remote control. This allows for the precision placing of the louvres and takes the manual labour out of adjusting the roof. Controllers can even be connected to home automation systems or have a state-of-the-art rain sensor system added to ensure the louvres close when it gets wet outside – even if you aren’t home.


Louvered roofs are eco-friendly in a number of ways. Not only do they cut down on a home’s air conditioning and heating costs (with their thermo-regulating properties), they take very little energy to operate and can even be connected to solar panels. The construction itself is comprised of very few materials, and most louvered roofs are made of recyclable items that will ensure that they’ll be kept out of landfills should they ever need to be replaced.

Various design options to choose from

Louvre roofs offer custom design options that really can work for any household. Due to its sleek, streamlined appearance, a louvre roof can fit in with any design or architectural element. The louvres themselves come in various slat sizes and materials.

Design options for a louvered roof include:

  • Flat
  • Pitched
  • Flat with solid flat louvered roof sections on either side
  • Pitched with solid flat roof sections on either side
  • Multiple flat louvered roofs with either coupled or separate drainage

Homeowners don’t have to worry about if the dimensions will fit with their needs as each louvered roof is custom-designed to perfectly fit any space. This customisation allows for the roof to look and feel seamless once it is installed.

An opening roof to stand the test of time

A louvered roof is constructed to last. It’s not flimsy like a canvas awning and won’t break down after a few years of use. In fact, a louvered roof is constructed to last decades. With a strong steel frame and sturdy construction elements such as powder-coated aluminium blades, a louvered roof will look and feel fresh and modern for years to come.

Each louvre is designed to never corrode or rust. The entire roof is surprisingly lightweight while being able to withstand various weather conditions, from hot Australian sunlight to strong winds and rain. Stylemaster Patio’s own louvre design is:

  • Stronger than other louvre blades by up to 200%, which means there’s 200% less deflection
  • Is comprised of marine-grade aluminium, meaning blades last longer and there’s no corrosion as is the case with steel
  • Can span up to 4500mm

There is also an integrated gutter system to carry water away. This prevents pooling, flooding, soil erosion, and structural damage. The best part is that louvre roofs need minimal maintenance to stay looking fantastic. With a strong structural foundation and components made from quality materials, a louvered roof will continue to perform year in and year out.

Accessorise all you want

Louvered roofs also enable homeowners to really accessorise the space to make it feel like a true extension of the indoors. Items such as:

  • lighting
  • fans
  • heaters
  • electrical outlets
  • etc.

Can be easily mounted while wiring is safely concealed. By bringing all of the comforts of the indoors out, patios can be used all year round while everyone is completely protected from the surrounding weather conditions.

Freestanding or semi-detached

Whether you are looking to create a freestanding structure, or to make your louvered roof an addition to your existing home, these systems can be installed anywhere. Use the covered area to protect:

  • Outdoor kitchens or eating areas
  • Patios
  • Pool decks
  • Fire pits and seating areas
  • Decks or balconies

Installation and maintenance are a breeze

While installing a louvered roof we work with registered builders to make installation quick and easy. Most louvered roofs will only take 1-2 days to install (depending on the size and scope of the project) and our local builders will not only handle the installation, according to your specifications, but will also help design the space, advise on how best to install the roof, and collect the necessary permits.

Our louvered roof also has the option of Home Owners Warranty Insurance to protect homeowners from items like manufacturers defects. This means all you have to do is sit back and relax. Your new outdoor space will be ready for enjoyment before you know it!

Once installed, maintenance is quick and easy. Simply clean the louvered slats with a soft-bristled brush or a garden hose every once in a while to remove any collected dust or debris.

Louvered roof cost breakdown

The cost of a louvered roof varies depending on the materials, the square footage of the area that needs to be covered, and if any additional accessories (fans, lighting, heaters, etc.).

While a louvered roof is not the least expensive option when it comes to shading a patio (retractable canvas blinds are much cheaper), keep in mind that, as a permanent structure, a louvered roof will last for years (if not decades) and will add value to your home. That means, in the future, should you want to sell, a louvered roof will drive the asking price up. The opening roof ultimately adds to the square footage of “living space” in the home without a homeowner having to take on an invasive and costly renovation.

Keep in mind that any accessories you decide to add to a louvre roof will also increase or decrease the cost as well. Rain sensors will add an additional cost, for example. However, they will help protect the patio from sudden downpours. If this is a concern, the extra cost at the outset may be worth it in the long run.

When you’re ready to commit to installing a louvered roof, come visit the experts! We are fully licensed, are able to provide Home Owners Warranty Insurance and only use top quality materials.

Stylemaster Patios works exclusively with the biggest brands while our experienced specialists take great pride in installing the opening roofs Sydney homeowners can be proud of. From design to conception, we’re here to provide world-class support every step of the way.

We’ll walk you through how louvre roofs operate, showcase their durability, and illustrate how a louvre roof can be incorporated into any design. Our opening roof patio has been designed by our in-house design engineer, who boasts over 40 years of experience specialising in the home improvement sector. Our professional builders are ready to provide you with a no-obligation estimate. Contact us today.


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