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Backyard Entertaining Areas – What You Need to Know

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Backyard Entertaining Areas

If you really want to extend the potential of your home, consider building a patio. Patios are amazing ways to create more living space without renovating your interior. They also allow you to take advantage of under utilised parts of your yard while opening up the possibilities of entertaining family and friends in a fun new environment.

An outdoor entertainment area is limited only by your imagination. You can build an entire outdoor kitchen – complete with sinks and grill – or create a luxurious outdoor living room of plush couches and pillows. Whether you wish to use the space for al-fresco dining or contemplative relaxation, a patio allows you to get creative while drawing the indoors outside in fun and interesting ways.

Before you begin any project, however, it’s a good idea to make a plan. Remember to:

  • Measure the size of your outdoor space and decide how much space you have to work with
  • Think about how you will use your patio and if it makes sense to place it in close proximity to indoor spaces, like kitchens or living rooms
  • Consider if you need to add or construct stairs or walkways

Be sure to sketch out your plan to see if it visually makes sense, and to make a budget so that you know how much money you have to work with. It will help you narrow down your options and get serious about what you can achieve within your means. If you are seeking professional help, this will also allow your contractor or designer to envision what type of patio you are looking to build and to advise you on what they think might give you the biggest bang for your buck. They can suggest materials, placement, coverings and more that will help your project come to life.

There are many elements to play with as well to make your patio feel like an extension of your interior. Each of these helps to maximise the space and your use of it over the years. While planning and building your patio, don’t forget to consider:


Once you have your patio layout established, consider how you’d like it lit. This may mean adding lighting elements to the surrounding vegetation or running electrical lines out to the patio to have lighting built into the structure itself. Being strategic with your lighting will allow you to continue to use the patio, even when the sun goes down.


Bring in furniture to make your patio more inviting. If you’re using it for outdoor eating, this may mean finding a dining table and chairs that fit into the space. Alternatively, you can turn it into a cozy living room with outdoor couches and pillows.


Depending on the set up of your backyard, you may want your patio to offer up a little bit of privacy. A strategically placed wall, half-wall or screen will allow you to enjoy the open-air away from prying eyes.

Flow of people

If you are designing your patio for entertainment purposes, consider how people would flow through the space. If the patio is meant to extend the capacity of the living room, or the kitchen, seek out an ideal patio placement that is near these interior elements to help the patio easily become an extension of them. Consider walkways and vegetation as well, and how their placement can assist the flow of people to and from the patio.

Protection from the elements

If you’re worried about inclement weather cutting in on the enjoyment of your new outdoor space, design in elements that can protect you and your patio from them. A full or partial roof, shades, umbrellas, walls, and pergolas can help keep elements at bay so you can be outside more often.

Keeping warm and cool

It’s not just the elements that could affect your enjoyment of your new outdoor space. Hot or cold temperatures might also force you inside if you don’t think ahead. Features such as fire pits or fireplaces will keep you warm and cozy if temperatures dip. Alternatively, outdoor fans or misters fans will help to keep you cool in warmer months.

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