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7 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

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how to add value to your home

Whether you’re planning on selling, or just want to maximise the enjoyment of your home, it’s always a good idea to take stock and think of ways you can add value to your property.

 Renovations don’t have to be time-consuming or disruptive. Many don’t even require specialised skills or contractors (although some do). In fact, there are numerous ways to add value that requires little cost and low overhead.

If you are looking for smart ways that will help you increase your home’s value and curb appeal consider these simple projects: 

Add a Coat of Paint

The easiest thing you can do to your home – both inside and out – is to add a coat of paint. Consider light and neutral choices. A neutral palette will help the paint outlast trends whereas light colours make any space feel bigger and brighter. It may be one of the least expensive ways to update your space, but because of the amount of square footage that will be transformed, it’s also the most dramatic. 

Update the Flooring

Tattered carpet or dirty floorboards can make a property seem old and worn. If you’re looking to sell, these details can even drive the property down. Consider pulling up old or stained carpets and laying out fresh flooring, such as laminate, which is relatively inexpensive but adds another modern touch and a sense of clean sophistication to a room. If you already have wood floors, giving them a good polish can also be extremely transformative. 

Consider Quick Kitchen Fixes

Typically, re-doing an entire kitchen can be a costly endeavour. There are, however, multiple ways to update it without breaking the bank. The simplest and most cost-effective solution may be to simply swap out your old cupboard doors and handles. You may be able to even get away with simply painting your cupboards for even more savings.

If you have a bit more money to spare, use it to update your kitchen benchtop. Look for styles that are modern but match with the current kitchen flooring. It will make the space feel transformed without breaking the bank. 

Refresh Your Bathroom

While a full bathroom refresh may not be possible, you can still do a few quick fixes that will rejuvenate the space. Consider replacing your toilet, sink, and tapware to make the entire space feel brand new. If you have a lot of tiles that look a bit dated, you can always do a high-gloss paint job in an updated palette, or use a grout pen to revamp discoloured grout. 

Don’t Skimp on Finishings

If you’re going to add new finishings to your home, whether it’s switches, light fixtures, doorknobs or taps, don’t go for the cheapest options. Look for more modern finishings that look and feel a bit more expensive to add a subtle wow-factor wherever they are. 

Landscape Your Gardens

When you are looking for ways to add value to your home, don’t forget the curb appeal of the exterior. A beautiful garden will do wonders for a house, contributing to an overall “look and feel” that will draw attention from the street. If gardening isn’t your thing, ask your local landscaper about low maintenance foliage that looks luscious but doesn’t require a lot of love. 

Depending on the season, consider adding simple flower baskets or urns around your property as well to offer up pops of colour that will draw the eye and create a welcoming natural oasis. 

Add a Patio for More Outdoor Living Space

Adding to the amount of living space a home offers is an easy way to increase its value. While knocking down walls or adding rooms may not be possible on the interior, consider adding living space to the exterior by erecting a patio. Custom-built patios are simple to construct and are extremely cost-effective. They also add flexible living space and can transform into anything from a romantic outdoor dining room to a cozy open-air lounge. Adding a simple roof and piping electrical wiring out to your patio will stretch its usefulness by making it an inviting area rain or shine, day or night. 

Are you ready to increase your overall living space with a patio project? Speak to the team at Stylemaster Patios to see how we can help you add value to your property.


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