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5 Top Tips to Create an Amazing Outside Entertaining Area

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Outside Entertaining Area

Australian’s love entertaining: food, drink, music, friends, family, what isn’t there to love? With summer in full swing, people are thinking more and more about their evening and weekend entertainment plans, hosting fun get-togethers for their friends and family.

Finding the right space to host and entertain can be tough, though. You want somewhere where you can fit everybody comfortably, that won’t be too hot and crowded, and is a comfortable, welcoming environment. A patio is a perfect solution. A well-designed patio is the perfect space for entertaining: plenty of room, a cool evening breeze, and right on your backdoor, literally. So how do you go about creating the perfect outside entertaining area?

Layout and Design

The layout is key when it comes to designing a backyard patio space for entertaining. Designing the right layout can make all the difference between a space that feels welcoming and fun, and a space that feels cramped and awkward.

When designing a patio layout, zones are the name of the game. Creating unique and separate zones for the various entertainment activities (cooking, eating, drinking, relaxing/talking) will optimise things for the best use of space. It also helps to create a good flow so people aren’t constantly bumping into each other when mixing and mingling. Finally, consider whether you would like an open roof system. Covering your patio may add some additional expense but it can vastly increase its usability helping to shade the worst of the summer sun and winter weather.

Material Finishes

The materials you select to construct your outdoor patio and entertaining space will have a big impact on its style and function. Ideally, you want your patio to be a continuation of the aesthetic style of your home, but if you are going to be using the space for entertaining then there are a few other considerations as well.

Traditional timber decking may look stylish, but it’s also fairly high maintenance, requiring regular treatment and repair, especially if you have lots of guests wear it down. Tile, on the other hand, can be slippery when wet (think about year-round usage) and susceptible to chips and cracks from accidents during a party. Modern composite materials can offer a happy medium between style and function, but they can sometimes cost more.

Entertainment Essentials

The best parties have four things in common: food, drink, music, and friends. Your patio can’t help with friends, although follow these tips and it may be hard to keep them away. It can help with food, drink, and music, though. Adding an outdoor kitchen/barbecue, bar, and music system to your patio means that all your party and entertaining essentials are right there and ready to go, meaning you can host without having to disappear endlessly for top-ups and snacks.

Plants and Gardens

Adding a touch of greenery to your garden and patio space is a wonderful way to add depth and warmth. Plants make the area they occupy feel more natural. Potted plants and garden beds are good if you have the room, but if space is limited then think about a foliage wall. Foliage walls are an easy way to add the depth, warmth, and texture of some natural greenery, but without taking up any additional space.

Smart Technology

Smart technology is the latest big thing throughout the home, but it doesn’t just have to be limited to the inside. Wi-Fi and internet-enabled devices are an easy way to add the finishing touches to your entertainment area. Smart lighting configured to automatically turn on at sunset and change with your music, to intelligent heating tuned to keep the party going whatever the weather, smart technology can make your entertainment area sophisticated and effortless.

Creating the perfect open roof patio space for entertaining is easier than you think. Follow these few simple tips and you’ll be ready to host friends and family all summer in no time.

Whether you are looking to redesign an existing space into the ultimate outdoor entertaining area or have a new patio area created, Stylemaster Patios can help. Get in touch today to start creating your personal entertainment venue in your own backyard.


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