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4 Good Reasons to Choose a Louvered Opening Roof Patio

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Louvered Roofs

Much of Australia, and particularly Sydney and surrounds, has an ideal environment for outdoor living and entertaining, which is why patios are such a popular addition to people’s homes, providing the perfect balance between indoors and out. So why not increase the appeal of your patio with a louvered opening roof? Here are 4 very good reasons for doing so.

1. Increased Ventilation & Insulation

At Stylemaster Patios, our custom-designed opening roofs have blades that rotate fully in both directions, so you can adapt your roof to the angle of the sun and direction of the wind throughout the day. This means you have complete control over the amount of air flowing through your outdoor area, making it a pleasant place to be no matter what the weather. Additionally, an opening roof improves the insulation of your patio, trapping warm air in during the colder months and, by changing the angle of the blades, deflecting the sun on hot days.

2. Light & Heat Diffusion For Comfort & Ambience

The ability to rotate the blades of your patio roof gives you control over the degree of direct sunlight entering your outdoor area, adding significantly to the level of comfort, whether you’re relaxing or entertaining. This also means you can create the perfect ambience for any occasion, from filtered light on a hot summer afternoon to full sunlight on a crisp winter’s day. You can even entertain on a rainy day, as Stylemaster’s unique curved louver blades carry more water off than other designs and the roof comes with a standard gutter that is larger than most of our competitors.

3. Custom Designs to Suit Any Home

One of the best things about our louvered opening roofs is that they are custom-designed to suit your needs, ensuring you end up with a patio that is not only functional but adds value and style to your home. So whether your patio is freestanding or freestanding, or whether you want a flat, gable or pitched roof, or a combination of styles, Stylemaster will work with you to bring your vision to life.

4. Superior Strength & Functionality

Designed by Stylemaster’s in-house engineer, who has over 40 years’ experience in the industry, our louvered opening roofs are built for smooth operation and to stand the test of time. Our blades are up to 200% stronger than other brands and are made from long-lasting marine-grade aluminium that resist corrosion. All this adds up to an opening patio roof that not only looks great and enhances your outdoor space, but provides you with years of protection from the elements.

Need any further reasons to install a louvered opening roof? Give Stylemaster Patios a call on 1300 761 201 or visit the website to find out more.


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